Um olhar pelos figurinos do último episódio de Game of Thrones


A HBO divulgou no site Making Game of Thrones imagens pormenorizadas de alguns dos figurinos que foram usados no último episódio de Game of Thrones. Da responsabilidade da figurinista Michele Clapton, temos um visual mais pormenorizado sobre as roupas de Sansa, Bran e Brienne.

  • Sansa Stark, Queen in the North

From “little dove,” to taking back Winterfell, Sansa survived and learned, and led her people to independence. Sansa witnessed Jon be named King in the North, but her coronation was more elegant and satisfying — crown, throne and all. Throughout the series, Sansa adopted the looks of the female leaders she looked up to. While this dress is entirely worthy of the Queen in the North, the strong women who inspired her also found their way into details of this dress. Costume designer Michele Clapton created the dress with the same fabric for “dark Sansa” and the same fabric dye that was used for Margaery’s wedding dress, to represent their deep bond. Clapton also pointed out that the wolves on the sleeve of the dress starts to turn into fish scales, to honor Sansa’s mother, Catelyn and House Tully.

Além do vestido, temos ainda um olhar mais de perto sobre a coroa e o trono de Sansa:


  • King Bran the Broken

Bran certainly came a long way to become the most powerful man in the realm. His new sigil and colors honor the Three-Eyed Raven.


  • Brienne, Lady Commander of the Kingsguard

The skilled warrior always fought for what she believed in — and that honorable nature has gotten her all the way to leader of the Kingsguard.

Fonte: Making Game of Thrones


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